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  • McAllen B-cycle Burns Over One Million Calories

    by Robert de Leon, Jr. | Apr 08,2016

    McAllen B-cycle riders burned over one million calories since the City of McAllen bike share program launched in October 2015.

    Close to 4,000 riders have used the City’s bike share program as a means of transportation, physical activity and leisure. Ridership numbers continue to increase thanks to the close proximity of the stations - which makes it a very realistic transportation option for its users. The B-stations are also within walking distance of McAllen Central Station located in downtown McAllen. 

    “One million calories is an amazing feat for our City of McAllen residents and we are so pleased that they are taking advantage of the new B-cycle system," said City Manager Roel “Roy” Rodriguez, P.E. “As a Let’s Move City it is important that residents are provided with the tools to live a healthy lifestyle.”

    The B-stations with the highest ridership are located at the McAllen Convention Center, Palms Crossing, and Fireman’s Park. With an estimated 27,000 miles of cycling, users have utilized the City’s streets and the hike & bike trails to connect from one B-station to another. The bike share program has proven to be an affordable, safe, healthy and eco-friendly way to get around the city.

    “We are excited to see the response of McAllen residents and visitors in using McAllen B-cycle. We look forward to seeing our young program grow by providing an attraction that promotes our positive image of a healthy, livable and sustainable city,” said, Mario Delgado McAllen Transit Director.


    Photo: Robert de León

    McAllen B-cycle is a program of Metro McAllen and includes 80 bikes and 8 stations, open daily from 6:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. Annual members receive a key fob to undock a bike from any station, allowing unlimited trips up to 60 minutes without incurring any additional usage fees. 24-hour, weekly & monthly access passes also provide unlimited 60-minute trips. For more information or to purchase a membership, visit or download the B-cycle app using iTunes or Google Play.

  • McAllen Ranked Among Top 100 Places to Live.

    by U.S. News and World Report | Mar 10,2016

    The City of McAllen ranked among the top 100 places to live in the USA. Both McAllen B-cycle and Metro McAllen were featured as the best ways to move around the city. 

    McAllen residents rely heavily on cars to get around. Even so, the median commute time from home to work is just 20 minutes. For those who don't own a car or live near the city center, the Metro McAllen public transportation intra-city buses run on seven routes throughout the city and offer paratransit services. The city has emphasized its green agenda by introducing a couple electric buses. The buses feature a zero-emission propulsion system and charge wirelessly. The buses are the first of their kind in Texas.

    Plus, the city's bike share program, BCycle, is a low-cost public transit option for citizens. Eighty bicycles are stationed in eight locations around the city, providing a convenient and healthy transportation option.

    To read the entire article, click here: Best Places to Live in the USA.

    Photo: Robert de León, Jr.

Bike share project launches in McAllen

Nathan Lambrecht

City of McAllen Mayor Jim Darling sets off on a McAllen B-Cycle with a little push from his wife Sandra Tuesday October 20, 2015 at Fireman's Park in McAllen. photo by Nathan Lambrecht/

Posted: Tuesday, October 20, 2015 4:35 pm


McALLEN — Veronica Hernandez waited patiently Tuesday morning to be one of the first people to break-in one the city’s 80 new bicycles at the official launch of the new bike share program at Fireman’s Park.

The 36-year-old woman said she’s excited to start using the bikes for getting around and leisure activities throughout the week.

Hernandez, a Mission native who commutes into McAllen for work, said access to the bike stations allows her to avoid the struggle that comes with mounting her own bike to her car every time she wants to use her bike.

On Tuesday, city officials including Mayor Jim Darling, Commissioner Veronica Whitacre and transit director Mario Delgado were on hand for a ribbon cutting ceremony to officially open the bike share station at Fireman’s Park.

The launch, which was nearly a year in the making, began last December after the City Commission approved the bid of B-cycle — a company Dallas, Houston, San Antonio and Austin uses. The total cost of the project came in at $336,801, according to city officials.

The program, the first of its kind in the Rio Grande Valley, features eight different stations with a total of 80 bikes that can be used by anyone with a debit or credit card.

Delgado said the success of the program will not be measured by any metric but instead by how many people use it.

“We’d like for as many people as possible to get interested and buy an annual membership or use it leisurely on a daily membership with a 24-hour membership. We’re going to put the word out and do some promotion so we can get as many people interested in using it,” Delgado said.

Delgado said he’s received a lot of feedback from people in the community who are eager to start using the bikes around town.

Commissioner Whitacre said the program is already a success in her eyes.

Whitacre said if they see a high demand for bikes there are plans to expand to more stations throughout the city to meet those needs.

Darling, who along with some other city officials rode into the park on one of the new bikes prior to the beginning of the ceremony, said he was excited to see families use the different stations throughout the city.

Four of the eight locations are located in downtown, which includes Archer Park, the downtown park and ride, the Broadway park and ride at Bicentennial Ave. and Austin Ave. and at La Placita Heritage Center at Main St. and Chicago Ave. The remaining four stations are located at Fireman’s Park, 2nd St. Hike and bike trails, the McAllen Convention Center and Palms Crossing.

Riders can opt for a 24-hour pass for $6, a week-long pass for $15, a month-long pass for $30 or a year-long pass for $65. User fees — for those who opt to not buy a membership — do not kick in until after the first hour, at which point every 30 minutes is an additional $3. As an example, if someone were to ride a bike for an hour and a half it would be the original $6 for the hour-long ride and an additional $3 for the 30 minutes they went over and so on.

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